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JSC “Riword” is specialized enterprise engaged in processing scraps and residues of aluminium into finishing products. For processing scrap and residues the modern gas reflective, induction and resistance furnaces are used.

Modern metallurgical technologies allow to receive large nomenclature of secondary aluminium alloys made both in accordance with Russian - АК5М2, АВ95, АВ92, АВ87, АК12, - and in accordance with Western standards - ADC12, ADC10, 332S.A.E., DIN226, А380.1. Total production capacity of secondary aluminium alloys are around 400 Mt monthly.

Having a wide experience, our company exports aluminium alloys worldwide and has steady reputation with the consumers of secondary aluminium alloys abroad.

Modern foundry complex for processing metals by pressure produced by Italian firm "Itallpress" allows us to make practically any products produced by a method of die casting.

Our production premises are placed on the basis of oldest and most respected Soviet mechanical plant - Podolsk electromechanical factory, and we actively use opportunities, offered by this plant.

Our aluminium alloys are used all over the world, they gained good reputation in Europe, America, Japan and Southern Korea. Among our buyers there is such known firm, as Norwegian metallurgical company "Hydroaluminium".

The opportunities, which gives our foundry complex "Itallpress" are really unlimited. It was appreciated by well known German company "Festo", placed with us their constant order.

The company "Felix" - one of the largest manufacturers of office furniture in Russia - is our constant partner, we make for them modern furniture accessories, as well as for some other producers of furniture.
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